Dress Code

At The Neighborhood Ballet, we believe that wearing studio uniforms give students a sense of belonging to our family as well as creating an identity for our studio in the greater community. Our uniforms also:

• Encourage discipline

• Help identify non-students in the studio

• Diminish economic and social barriers between students

• Increase a sense of belonging and school pride


We don't want hair to get in the way of your child's dancing. All girls with hair chin length or longer must wear their hair in a traditional ballet bun for class. Girls and boys with very short hair must have their hair secured neatly off their face in a way that will not distract from class. Boys with long hair must secure it back in a neat ponytail for class.  If you need help learning how to put your child's hair in a bun, let our staff know and we can help you. 

Class Attire

For the convenience of our TNB families, we have our dress code for girls and boys for sale at the studio.

Toddler and Me and Creative Movement
Pink ballet dress, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Uniform may be purchased at the studio. 

Pre Ballet
Pink ballet dress, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Uniform to be purchased at the studio. 

Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, and Company
Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Uniform to be purchased at the studio. Each level will have an assigned color.

Boys (all levels/classes)
White t-shirt, black shorts/sweat pants, white ankle socks, black ballet shoes